Thursday, October 9, 2014

"3 Things" From 1 Great Artist

I just want to post this music video - latest from Jason Mraz - because it doles out positive vibes. I think we really need determination and positivity amidst the calamities in our country, both natural and man-made. By man-made I meant the corrupt acts of our leaders that persistently hound us.  "Persistently hound" is a redundancy; the same way Binay, Napoles, and Purisima, et. al., are redundancies in our government.

Kudos to Mr Mraz for coming up with another motivational music - this guy has a real upbeat attitude about life. Maybe we should all go vegan like him. :)

Binay, Purisima, Napoles: These"3 things" we don't need (Photos from Inquirer and ABS-CBN)