Wednesday, November 3, 2010

UP Profs vs Supreme Court (and vice versa)- Shame, shame, shame!

It's shameful that our Supreme Court has dismissed the suit of "comfort women" who for years have been seeking reparation from the Japanese government for atrocities done to them. Equally shameful is the fact that our SC has come up with a resolution that is plagiarized - it has quoted material from legal sources without attribution. UP law professors thought that's sooo wrong and unjust that they told Associate Justice Mariano del Castillo - the one who xeroxed the decision - to pack away his toga and quit his post. In retaliation the high court tries to charge the group with contempt. Enter the two Evans - Evan Fox-Decent and Evan Criddle (whose work the AJ has so meticulously plagiarized) expressing their support to the group saying that "Holding the UP Law Faculty in Contempt Would Be a Grave Mistake" as posted at Shame, shame, shame!