Saturday, August 17, 2013

Videos and Photos of Janet Napoles' Daughter Uber Lavish Lifestyle

Masama ang magmura pero pag nakita mo ba naman ang mga ganitong mga tao - mga magnanakaw at makakapal ang mukha - e talagang naman uusok bibig mo sa kamumura. These are criminals of the worst kind - their evilness and audacity can only be likened to the Ampatuans. Minasaker din ng mga Napoles at mga kakuntsaba nila ang bayan!

Here's Jeane Napoles, Pork Barrel Scam Princess (the mother is the queen, of course) unashamedly flaunting her family's ill-gotten wealth abroad. According to various reports, Jeanne lives in a Ritz Carlton apartment (reportedly costing around $2M), drives a Porsche, and hobnobs with Hollywood celebrities. Her Instagram account, where she posted photos of her luridly extravagant lifestyle, is now deleted.

Here's the Princess of  Thieves in a limo in LA donned in Chanel pumps and clutch plus Herve Leger dress.

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