Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Alyzza Agustin - The Woman Who Stopped (A) Traffic (Enforcer)

     A lot of us who's been to the Metro had - once or more times over,  one way or another - experienced the bladder-bursting traffic of its thoroughfares AND encountered the ever cunning MMDA enforcers. Swerte ka pag medyo mabait ang nakahuli, pero madalas malas ka. Kaya kundi gutom, mainit ang ulo marahil ang nakahuli sa iyo. Pag gutom, mahina ang Php200; pag mainit ang ulo at wala namang lagnat most likely you'd been slapped with a TVR (traffic violation receipt). So, in other words, wala kang lusot EXCEPT if you're the super sultry, sexy friend of PNP Director for Plans Alexander C. Ignacio. Luckily FHM model Alyzza Agustin, she fits all the super-sultry-sexy superlatives and happens to be the executive assistant or EA (owws!) of Chief Superintendent Ignacio. Allegedly, Ignacio has given Alyzza a permit to carry his signed business card probably to get this hot babe out of traffic snarls and other mishaps.

Ahh, the very erudite  Alyzza rising from the sea
     Sizzling Alyzza apparently didn't think much (or didn't think at all) that posting her "triumph" of dodging TVR with the help of Ignacio's card THEN posting it on Facebook can cause so much brouhaha. Now when the PNP is under siege because of the proliferation of hoodlums in uniforms and corruption among the ranks? Is this woman for real? Oh, lest we forget,  if the card was truly signed by Ignacio, he should be in the hot seat along with PNP Chief Purisima in the Senate.

MMDA Enforcer: Hindi n'yo ba alam na coding kayo? Lisensya n'yo.
Alyzza: Hindi ko dala, eh. Pwedeng ito na lang? (hands him the card)
MMDA: Naku, pwedeng-pwede po ito ma'am. Pwede po kayo mag u-turn dyan, ma'am, ako ang bahala. Baka nauuhaw kayo, ma'am? (Offers his buko juice with a big smile)

     Incidentally, one of the reviews of the novel The Woman Who Stopped Traffic, from which the title above was inspired on, starts with this line: "Be careful who your friends are ... It’s the dawn of social media...". 

     Friends din kaya sina Alyzza at Ignacio sa Facebook?