Friday, July 26, 2013

Angelo Reyes to Jinggoy Estrada: Revenge is Best Served in Pork Grease

“I’m not targeting anybody. It’s the farthest from my mind. The issue here is corruption. We must put a stop to the corruption happening in the military. The money allegedly being received by the chiefs of staff should be realigned or diverted for foot soldiers out in the field who are dying for the country.” 

Such was the strong statement of Sen. Jinggoy Estrada published on February 7, 2011 at the height of the plunder case against former chief of staff Gen. Angelo Reyes along with other high-ranking military officers.  The next day, February 8, Reyes committed suicide at his mother's grave. 

Now, oh wow,  Reyes must be doing far more fun things than turning in his grave. The former military man must be  dancing in glee as his greatest inquisitor at the senate hearing is now facing a barrel of his own - The Pork Barrel Scam, that is. 
Reyes to Jinggoy: You must face this music "Jinggoy balls, Jinggoy balls, jingle all the way!"

I've seen a couple of senate investigations in the past years - more than enough to know that Jinggoy likes to play it cool on cam para bang laging gumagawa ng pelikula (unfortunately for him he doesn't have his father's charisma so wa-epek sa audience). Jinggoy also loves to show off  and tends to ask repetitive questions fed to him by his staff. Plus, he constantly has this smirk on his face when questioning people on the witness stand, especially those he considered hostile - as if he knows everything and is above everyone else.

Now graves and tables turned, Jinggoy's status (on Facebook and elsewhere) should be updated this way: "The money allegedly being received by the SENATORS AND CONGRESSMEN should be realigned or diverted for FARMERS out in the field who are dying for the country."  And it would be fun to see him squirm in his seat (together with his buddy Bong Revilla and three other senators implicated by whistleblowers) when asked of his involvement in the Pork Barrel Scam. During inquiries, his team of efficient researchers readily come up with evidence including damning photos to prove the guilt of the people under investigation. I wonder what he would say when the photo of him and the Pork Barrel Queen Janet Lim-Napoles happily posing for a picture is used as an evidence? Naku ha, Sen. Jinggoy, huwag mag-deny, don't tell a lie!

Standing left of Sen. Jinggoy is Janet-Lim Napoles
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