Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wanted: NBI's Most Discourteous Employee

If you're planning to get an NBI clearance from the branch in San Fernando, Pampanga  beware of the employee named Danilo Canlas. Don't worry, you won't miss him as he is the one who barks numbers and orders people to get in line to get their clearances. He's fair in complexion, around 5'7", late 50's,  and looks like he's already on maintenance: (read: mukhang mataas ang BP and cholesterol levels).

I've been to NBI Pampanga twice already – the first time was early last year and the second time was only this month. And during those two unfortunate occasions, I couldn't help but notice this very unprofessional and discourteous employee. Itong Danilo Canlas na ito ay kung manigaw at manita ng mga tao ay parang nasa prep school pa ang mga kumukuha ng clearances. May isang lalaking mukhang aalma sa pagsermon nitong empleyado pero binalaan siya ni Mr. Canlas na nagtaas ng boses at nagsabing: "Ayaw mong ayusin ang linya mo? Baka gusto mo ikaw ang ayusin ko?" Hindi na umimik ang lalaki, baka nga naman di bigyan ng clearance na kailangan niya for employment. It seems also that this Mr. Canlas freely calls those who fail to follow instructions as “boba” “bobo” and “tanga”, as if his job requires a lot of brain neurons, eh, ang ginagawa lang naman niya ay magtawag ng number at magpapila ng mga tao. 

I won’t complain about the NBI Pampanga’s lack of basic comforts – isa lang ang electric fan sa loob ng office at kakaunti lang ang upuan at writing tables samantalang napakarami ng mga taong kumukuha ng clearance. Alam naman natin na may budgetary constraints ang mga ahensya ng gobyerno, so justifiable kung mainit at walang maupuan sa loob ng NBI. Pero, please naman, piliin sana nila ang mga empleyado who directly interact with the public.  People like Danilo Canlas should not act as frontliners for government offices; Mr. Canlas should be inside a cubicle doing mundane clerical work or outside chasing hardened criminals. Nakakadismaya po ang asal nito and it reflects very badly on the agency. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Perfect Chompers Out, Snaggleteeth In

Planning on visiting your dentist to get those braces? Better think twice. Because saying "cheese" now may show off snaggleteeth instead of pearly white and perfectly aligned teeth. It's a crazy craze that started in Japan and is now beginning to catch the attention of many fashion and beauty observers. I'll bet Kirsten Dunst and Anna Paquin are thrilled with this weird beauty trend.

From Beauty on Shine Yahoo:
Japan's beauty trend, dubbed "tseuke-yaeba," has reached a fever pitch, with young women paying hundreds for snaggleteeth.
The procedure first made headlines in 2011, but it has grown in popularity since then, even spawning a Japanese pop girl group whose members sport the snaggletooth look. The girl group, TYB48 or "Tseuke-Yaeba 48," was created by the Taro Masuoka—the very same dentist who pioneered the procedure.

"A lot of my patients are fashion-conscious and very cute. I wanted to find some way to take advantage of this, so I formed TYB48," Masuoka, of Tokyo's Pure Cure dental salon, told Japan Today.

Japanese girl group TYB48

The group whose debut album titled "Mind If I Bite?" dropped last April, turned the child-like vampire mouth into a bona-fide phenomenon. But they're far from Japan's first famous females with mangled mouths. See the smiles on the country's popular news anchor Mika Sugisaki and Japan's crown princess Masako.

Hollywood actress Kirsten Dunst(

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Court Orders Arrest Of Road Bully Robert Blair Carabuena

Remember Robert Blair Carabuena? He's the burly guy who was caught on cam verbally attacking and physically assaulting MMDA officer Saturnino Fabros August last year. Now, he faces arrest for not appearing in his arraignment plus he was so ordered by the court to double the amount of his bail he had previously posted. The bail is the lesser of his problems; I mean this road rager drives a Volvo and his previous bail amounted to measly Php12,000 and even if you double that to Php24,000 that's still a slap on the wrist. I guess Fabros,whom Carabuena reportedly slapped on the face, was a bit disappointed with that.

MANILA, Philippines—A Quezon City court on Thursday ordered the arrest of a Philip Morris executive who was caught on camera last year slapping a traffic enforcer.
Quezon City Metropolitan Trial Court branch 42 Judge Juris Dilinila-Callanta, in an open court, also ruled for Robert Blair Carabuena to pay double the amount of bail he previously posted for his provisional liberty while directing his lawyer Caesar Ortega to explain why he should not be cited in contempt for his absence.
Carabuena was supposed to be arraigned Thursday before the court on a charge of direct assault upon an agent of a person in authority for his alleged attack on Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) constable Saturnino Fabros. But neither the subject of the criminal information nor his lawyer were present despite summons from the court.(Inquirer Online)