Friday, March 27, 2015

Astronomical Price for Mayweather-Pacquiao Pay-Per-View

     My initial reaction was: "What?!"

     Our cable provider, Dream Satellite TV, just posted on its website and Facebook page that it's going to  sell the event via pay-per-view for Php 2,500 (regular rate) and, for the early bird promo, you have to shell out Php 2,000.

     Last Pacquiao  PPV bout  courtesy of Dream was on  November 2014 against Algieri,  which was pegged at Php650 with the early bird at Php500. I was expecting that Dream was going to merely double the price at the most for this long overdue superfight. Apparently not.  Now, in my Hamlet mode,  my conscience (and wallet) wrestles: To buy or not to buy? Alas, the slings and arrows of precarious fortune!

And now,  for the love of boxing and of Pacquiao, let's get ready to fumbleeeeee (with our wallets)!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Feces contains gold worth millions?! Holy S*#@!

     I just read this one interesting news and have to share it.

     Experts in the US say that what you, uh, unload onto your toilet seat may be a mother lode of gold and other precious metals. According to a recent study, waste from one million Americans could contain $13M worth of metals. Other than gold these metals include copper, platinum, silver and vanadium. Vanadium is a rare earth metal and is used as additive to other metals, such as steel, to considerably increase their strength.

     The US Geological Survey team are now finding a way (hopefully fast enough) to extract these minerals from biosolids that come out of the country's wastewater facilities.

Human race could be sitting on a potential gold mine (Photo source:

     To read the entire article, please go to

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Kris, Noynoy vie for the Tactless Throne

      It seems being tactless is a characteristic quite unique with the Aquino family, whereby their gift of gab tends to run amok. We all know that Kris Aquino is the Tactless Queen of showbiz and her brother - Noynoy the President - well,  he can easily get the crown as the Tactless King of the republic.
The Iron Throne (for the tactless):
Who deserves it better - Kris or Noynoy?
(Photo source:

     Yesterday in Malacanang during Q&A with Christian leaders, the president didn't mince words when asked about the Mamasapano incident particularly towards the alleged man on the helm former SAF (Special action Forces) Chief Getulio Napenas. Talagang hugas kamay to the max si Noynoy!

     "Binola niya ako," Noynoy said referring to Napenas, then more jaws dropped when he called the beleaguered high-ranking police officer as "tatanga-tanga". This coming from the Commander-in-Chief of the land? Clearly, Noynoy doesn't only lack the gumption to assume responsibility to what tragically transpired in Mamasapano, but also the finesse in handling sensitive issues. Remember the Jeffrey "Jennifer" Laude case? When asked if he's going to attend the wake of the transgender killed in Subic allegedly by US serviceman Joseph Scott Pemberton, Noynoy answered: "In general, I don't attend wakes of people I don't know."

For Pres. Noynoy's long and self-exonerating narrative on the Mamasapano tragedy, visit