Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Do we need Jaymar Waradje as state witness in Julie Ann Rodelas kidnap-slay case?

I'll just share a few thoughts on the controversial case of the slain model Julie Ann Rodelas. First off, it's not a rape-slay case as what several news blogs I've browsed through have labelled it. According to latest police information, there is no conclusive evidence that rape was committed although they're not ruling out the possibility. I don't know when or if  the police investigators will be able to have conclusive findings before Rodelas' burial this Saturday. I hope they already did a thorough autopsy of the body; otherwise, the victim's family faces the agony of exhumation.

Secondly, I'm bothered by the statement coming from the media and from the police that one of the accomplices Jaymar Waradje will be a state witness. Do the prosecution really need him as a state witness? I believe the evidence is very strong to convict the perps, so why turn Waradje as state witness? In exchange for what? Immunity from being prosecuted? A lesser penalty? I hope not. For crying out loud, the man knowingly participated in the crime - abducting a defenseless woman "to teach her a lesson". In my view, he should be put to jail along with his cohorts! Let's teach them all a lesson!

Four of the six suspects in the Rodelas kidnap-slay case: Althea Altamirano, Fernando Quiambao Jr., Gelan Pasawilan, and Jaymar Waradje

Thirdly, I noticed that several members of our police are overeager to grant interviews. I saw in the early news tonight that reporters were pointing their cameras and mics to forensic people (see video below) as the latter comb the black Montero for blood splatter and other evidence. Said car is owned by one of the suspects Fernando Quiambao Jr and believed to be the one used by the suspects to kidnap and dump Rodelas' body. Hindi kaya ma-contaminate ang ebidensya? Remember the Vizconde Massacre? Nakakainis lang kasi madalas kong makita ang ganitong eksena sa mga imbetigasyon ng mga kapulisan natin.  Andaming umeeksena sa scene of the crime at di man lang nila masaway. Journalists should also practice discretion, please.

Lastly, in connection with my observations and video above (please take note of Chief Inspector Marcelo's statements being corrected), I think the police should designate a spokesperson and /or schedule press conferences during an investigation, especially if it's high profile.  Our police officers have proclivity for explosive statements and often they tend to falter on leading questions by the media. Reporter: Sir, may nangyari po bang rape? Police: Oo, maaaring may nangyaring ganun.  We don't need speculations, sir, we need definitive statements based on forensic evidence gathered. 

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