Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Duterte Series: My Pilot Monologue

     Today, I'm starting a series on Pres. Rodrigo Duterte.  Please forgive me, if along the way, I offend some of you because of my strong opinions against our president. This is just my way of blowing off steam when I get frustrated  with the goings-on in Malacanang, particularly the enigmatic man of the manor.

     Let me make it clear that I didn't dislike D at the get-go. In fact, in the last quarter of 2015, when I was randomly surveyed via my mobile number about the possibility of D joining the presidential race I gave a favorable answer for him. I think the question was "Would you like Mayor Duterte to run for president?" and I quickly replied yes.  Days later I was asked "Should Mayor Duterte run for president would you vote for him?".  I answered yes.  I was thinking then  that here's a viable presidential candidate that was a non-trapo. I knew of his no-nonsense attitude, he's known to be fearless and has worked hard for Davao to make it a world - class city. Truly, his reputation preceded him. For me, at that time, D really stood out among the bland choices the electorate were offerred. Kumbaga sa hapag-kainan natin, si D ay kare-kare katabi ang prito at paksiw na isda lang.

     So when D finally, albeit reluctantly, announced his candidacy I was excited.  But as the campaign went on, as his media exposure broadened, my excitement deflated. It was not a sudden "pop", but a gradual death of my excited optimism that ended up with "pfff", a sound of disgust and disappointment.  D has had no platform of governance but he was drawing crowds and cult following through his colorful language and dirty jokes.    I have to admit he made me laugh with his very informal political speeches; he really was an engrossing speaker and downright down-to-earth guy. However,  not long after spewing against the corruption and criminality in the land, there came spilling out the profanities and sexist and insensitive jokes. That's when I decided to part ways with D.

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